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Cloud Solutions

Why choose us?

GriffinCode offers a broad range of cloud services by working with a range of partners to create a diverse network of platforms that builds up our huge infrastructure.

To get access to our cloud solutions, you can register for our portal as an enduser, if you're buying for yourself or your business, or as a partner if you wish to resell these services to other businesses:

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Our Solutions

Website Hosting

Fast, optimised and resilient web hosting.

Our website hosting platform is set up and managed by our certified technicians, and gives you a powerful, dynamic platform for website tenants.

Hosted Exchange

The premier email solution.

Microsoft Exchange is a leading email platform. We combine this with our infrastructure to create a reliable and efficient email platform.

Office 365

Microsoft's cloud productivity platform.

Office 365 is the industry standard in cloud email/productivity platform boasting a wealth of features and incredible value for money.

G Suite

Looks great on all devices.

Google's competitor to Office 365, G Suite, is a premium platform that gives you the best of Google's top apps, optimised for business.

Virtual Desktops

A powerful VDI platform.

Migrate your work to a cloud-based virtual desktop that lets you remote in from anywhere and access your machine in the cloud.

Virtual Private Servers

Powerful virtual server platforms.

We offer virtual server hosting to give you a fast, resilient server in the cloud that you have the control and flexibility to build amazing things with.

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