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Managed AD

What is Managed AD?

Active Directory (AD) is the industry-standard directory platform by Microsoft. Organisations use AD to manage user accounts within a company efficiently, making onboardings/offboardings, password resets and permissions a lot simpler. Plus, it can be configured so that anyone with a workplace account can sign in on a workplace PC.

GriffinCode's Managed AD solution enables your business to get set up with AD in the cloud or on a server at your premises easily, and we help maintain and manage your Active Directory.

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Azure AD

Your AD in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.

Azure AD is a cloud-hosted AD platform that enables businesses of any size to deploy an AD solution in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime without the need for physical servers at your offices. Our team can deploy an Azure AD in the cloud for you, get many security policies and branding customisation set up and manage these services for you.

On-premises AD

Use a physical server on your premises to host an AD server.

On-premises AD utilises a physical/virtual server at your company's premises to run the AD server on a Windows Server operating system. This can sometimes be a more cost-effective solution for companies that already have a server or have lots of users.

We also offer Windows Server licenses too, if you need them.

Benefits of Managed AD

Deployment & Setup

Getting everything configured.

Our team have lots of experience with both Active Directory platforms, and will help you get these deployed and set up with the appropriate configuration for your company's needs.


We maintain everything for you.

AD systems can be confusing, with a large number of security policies, user groups and more. That's why we help you manage your AD policies, groups, permissions and more.


Keeping everything secure.

Our technicians will audit your AD solution to ensure that your company's directory is secure, that no users have unintended pernissions and that everything is being enforced.

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