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Managed Email

What is Managed Email?

There are many great email solutions out there from companies like Microsoft and Google, but like all email platforms, they're difficult to set up, configure and maintain. That's why at GriffinCode, we offer a managed email solution where our technicians set up your email services for you, and configure the service to suit your business needs.

This solution and saves you time and money, as most companies have to hire a dedicated IT manager who will be responsible for these tasks.

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Office 365

Microsoft's industry-leading cloud email platform.

Deploying Office 365 requires advanced DNS configuration, knowledge of how to set up each of the many individual components within the admin panel and ability to set up apps and security measures. Plus, if something goes wrong, trying to diagnose the issue is tough. That's why our team can deploy Office 365 for you and your company, getting everything set up and ready to go, as well as provide expert support if anything goes wrong.

G Suite

Google's alternative, which provides a premium experience.

Getting started with G Suite requires advanced DNS configuration to both verify and connect your domain, configuring each of the individual Google apps within G Suite using the admin panel and it requires the ability to set up security measures. Also, if something ever goes wrong, it can be very tricky to diagnose these issues. Our team are here to help with setup, maintenance and fixing things if they ever happen to break.

Benefits of Managed Email

Deployment & Setup

Getting everything configured.

Our team have lots of experience with both Office 365 and G suite, and can get the platforms set up and configured for you and your company as quickly as possible.

Technical Support

If something goes wrong, we can help.

Email systems go wrong from time to time, and these platforms don't make it clear how to fix issues. Our team can remedy any issues much quicker with our skills and experience.


Keeping everything secure.

Our technicians can configure your email platform's configuration to be as secure as possible, therefore reducing the risk of hackers accessing crucial data and services.

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