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Managed MDM

What is Managed MDM?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a platform that allows companies to control, secure and enforce policies on endpoints (devices). This allows you to prevent issues like if a company device is stolen, the device can be remotely wiped to avoid a third party accessing sensitive data from that device.

GriffinCode's Managed MDM solution enables your business to get set up with MDM in the cloud with one of our amazing MDM platforms, and we help maintain and manage your Mobile Device Management platform.

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Benefits of Managed MDM

Deployment & Setup

Getting everything configured.

Our team have lots of experience with various MDM platforms, and we can help you get these deployed and set up with the appropriate configurations for your company's needs.


We maintain everything for you.

MDM systems can be confusing, with a large number of security policies, user groups, enrollments and more. That's why we help you manage your MDM policies, groups, permissions and more.


Keeping everything secure.

Our technicians will audit your MDM solution to ensure that your company's endpoints are secure, that no users have unintended pernissions and that everything is being enforced.

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