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Website Hosting

We offer affordable cPanel website hosting services that come with tons of features, top security, DDoS protection and our full support.

Why choose our web hosting?

We host our services on a superfast and reliable infrastructure, which is maintained physically and digitally by skilled technicians. Our systems have enterprise-grade security on every level, plus backups and failovers and lots of features. Plus, our technicians are here to help every step of the way, no matter what plan you have.


Proper Support

All of our plans give you access to our full customer support, which connects you with our technicians who are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in every aspect of tech.

Powerful Control Panel

Our servers run the industry leading cPanel control panel, which gives you the easiest, most powerful experience to manage your website, email, apps and so much more.


We have optimised our servers to provide maximum speeds for web servers and database servers. The servers are also tweaked to be as secure and reliable as possible.


We try to keep our prices as low as possible while providing a premium experience and our support.